Tea – The Fortune Teller!

The persons most fitted to predict accurately their own fortunes are themselves and can offer an unbiased judgment. Though there is no mediator required for a tea leaf reading than a tea cup and the reader, we can say that Tea Leave Reading is much reliable and private. Thus, it is considered to be the simplest and inexpensive ways of fortune telling one can self practice.

The art of tea leaf reading is known as Tasseography / Tasseomancy or Tassology which has been practicing since ancient period. Being a domestic form of prognostication, ‘Reading the Cup’ could be adopted by anyone who can master certain simple rules.

Here we give you some method to procure tea leaf reading.                                                         teacup2

  1. Choose a wide opened white colored cup.
  2. Sprinkle a teaspoon full of tea leaves to a cup of hot water. Tea bags can’t give a good reading because the leaves are too small and identical. This loose tea is more preferable.
  3. Keep calm, open, mind and Focus on recollecting symbols and patterns. To retain the mental creativity, avoid distracting voices.
  4. Now enjoy your cup of tea. Don’t consume too many leaves floating.                                  teacup-cts-mom
  5. Swirl the tea cup 3 times in a clockwise direction. Let the tea leaves spread widely inside the cup. Drain out the remaining liquid by turning your tea cup over in to a saucer. Wait atleast 30 seconds before turning your cup back over. And now we can start reading your tea leaves!                                                                                                          teacup-treeofthree
  6.   Read the cup clockwise. Make a notation of the first symbol you see. Divide the cup in to three sections: rim, middle and base. Note whether you see bubbles, twigs or droplets in your cup.
  7.  Symbol meanings are interpreted differently depending upon the “feeling” that reader get. Letters can represent a person, place or thing whereas numbers can symbolize years, months, week etc.
  8. Likewise jot down all shapes and figures formed inside the cup and identify the meaning first comes in your mind.
  9. The placements of symbols in the cup can often change the meaning. The first symbol in the rim that catches your eyes shows your dominant character or someone near or influential. The symbol in the middle section symbolizes that may be expected to occur quickly. The base signifies your ultimate answer or conclusion.                                            chartteacuppastprefut cropped

    Now experience the fun and amusement arouse around your tea table with the help of symbols below! And get ready to feel the aroma of tea and the panorama of your future life from a cup of tea!



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