Indian Chai – The Winning Flavor

Chai ~ More than a mere Beverage… Its a TRADITION.

For all my dear Tea Lovers,

India can be defined as a country consisting of different Religions & over more than 400 languages. The 1 Ribbon that ties these Billions of Indians, is a cup of Masala Chai.

In India, the morning starts with a cup of steaming chai, afternoon break is the time to recharge & get refreshed with a cup of Tea & Evenings are simply incomplete with an extra doze of Tea. Thus, Tea is more of a Tradition in India. Circumstances or Time are totally irrelevant for this magical Beverage. The Tea simply flows 🙂

You will find ‘KITLI CULTURE’ in India, where Tea is served on small hand driven Lorries, in mud pots called ‘KULLAD’ or Small Glasses called ‘CUTTING CHAI’.  The favorite snacks to go along with the steaming Chai are ‘MUSKA BUN’ (Butter Bread) and ‘NAMKEEN’ (Spicy Snacks). Yet the all time favorite are our very  own PARLE-G Glucose Biscuits which are to a must to dunk in your Masala Chai 🙂

I came across some beautiful pictures of typical Chai ki Kitli, through



Chai ki kitliwalla

Indian Chaiwalla



Tea & Parle-G Biscuits


For now, this was all about the Magical Indian Tea. Shall see you soon with some more facts about Indian Tea. till than keep having a TEAlicious time 🙂


About Jivraj Tea Limited, India

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3 Responses to Indian Chai – The Winning Flavor

  1. @rushhdee says:

    Hmmm, the smell of masala chai itself is pleasing.

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