Barley – Not just for Beer but also for TEA

Hello Tea Lovers,

Once again i have brought for you something new about TEA. Here we are going to discuss about a cereal grain ‘Barley’.

A Close Look at the Barley

It makes Beer & Tea 🙂

Barley, i always thought was used only as a key ingredient for manufacturing Beer and Whisky. But someone enlightened me about a beverage called ‘Barley Tea‘. Well, as you guessed it. I just HAD to try it. This tea is orange in color with a mellow taste and a light earthy flavor.

Barley Tea

In fact it’s the tea of choice for many Koreans and is also popular in Japan.  In Korea, this tea is usually served cold as a refreshing summer beverage, whereas it can be obtained all year round in Japan where it is enjoyed either hot or cold. The main difference is that in Korea the whole barley (with the hull) is usually roasted for the tea and sometimes roasted corn infusion is added. This is because barley has a slight bitter flavor and the corn gives the drink some sweetness to offset the bitterness.

People rarely sit down and think about having a nice cup of barley tea. They should, however, because of the innumerable health benefits that barley tea boasts. Please follow the link to know more about this wonderful beverage.


Another way to make barley tea is from scratch, roasting the barley in the oven or in a skillet and then boiling it and straining it. This takes more time to prepare, but it can be turned into iced tea without steeping for more than a few minutes.

Mugicha is available in Japan in single serving size cans. It can be found in machines that are like soft drink machines. It beats colas and un-colas hands down for quenching thirst. It is also better for teeth, since it won’t cause cavities, and better for weight control, since it has no Calories.


So if you want something special for yourself or your Family or guests, try sampling some Barley Tea.  It has a great flavor and is full of health benefits.

Try out and let me know whether you liked it or not. Keep having a TEAlicious time. 🙂


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