The day for LOVE is round the corner :)

14th February – Valentines Day !!!

The first thought that comes from the word Valentines Day is ‘LOVE’. I always used to think that for people who are in love, valentines day doesn’t really matter; but i was wrong. I came to understand the fact that for lovers everyday is a DAY OF LOVE but Valentines Day is when they make each other feel all the more special.

The TEA WORLD celebrates this Valentines Day by making special blends, which would make the tastebuds fall in love with TEA. Apart from TEA WORLD, the Valentines Day can be made special only if one has a right blend of Love, Care, Understanding and Trust in their relationships.



The aroma of brewed tea is enough to tantalize one’s senses, if the blend is in the perfect proportion. Relationships are not far from this blend. A relationship will spread Joy all around if the blend is in proportion. This post was for the love of TEA.

Show your love to everyone, who you feel are special for you. Make it a special day for someone and you’ll get back the same.

Wishing you a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

Lets be together forever….for the LOVE of TEA.

CHEERS to our tea. Keep having a Tealicious time 🙂


About Jivraj Tea Limited, India

Exotic Indian Teas from the House of Jivraj Tea Ltd. Jivraj Tea Ltd. has been ahead of its times with its finest tea ingredients coupled with more than 8 decades of experience. At JIVRAJ Group, we know how to make a proper brew. Our tea comes from the finest of Gardens and estates of Assam. Our Tea connoisseurs taste hundreds of teas everyday to select the quality of tea that’s perfect for our Blend and your Tea Cup. We bring you wide range of teas to buy online, ranging from the Premium Assam Tea (J9 Premium Tea & J9 Premium Green Tea) segment to the economic tea segment (Anokhi Tea), there is something special for every Tea Lover. We strive to give every blend its own special Aroma, Flavor and Character. You have struck the treasure of Jivraj where you’ll find different teas like Leaf Tea, Dust Tea, Fanning Tea, Teabags, Orthodox Tea, Green Tea etc. to suite your taste buds. So unwind yourself, take a journey across the exotic Indian Tea World, Buy Tea Online in just 3 easy steps & try something different from Jivraj today! It’s how the World Gets Up and Gets Going! JIVRAJ TEA LTD. Sangharsh Ka Saathi !
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