Indian Mango Bubble Tea

Jivraj Tea Ltd. is a tea manufacturing Company based in India. Thus, i thought that my blog can be a great way to convey all the lovely people out there, some unique traditions of my country.

The present season that India is experiencing is Summers. The hot and dry weather is capable of melting you and your energy. Yet there is something about this unique weather that makes us look forward to it. Well, it’s MANGOES.

Irresistable Mango cubes.

Irresistable Juicy Mango Cubes !!!

India is a TEA crazy as well as MANGO crazy nation. You will find all kinds of mouth watering  Recipes where Mango shall be an essential ingredient in the palate. These Indian platters are truly a feast to your Taste Buds. I have brought for you one such Recipe.

A yummy Mango Bubble Tea Recipe:

Flavors of Bubble Tea

yummy Mango Bubble Tea

Ingredients :

  • 1 Ripe Mango, chopped
  • 1 cup low-fat Milk
  • ½ cup Water
  • ½ cup Tapioca Pearls (Sabudana)
  • 2 tablespoon Sugar
  • Honey, for taste

Procedure :

Firstly, cook the Tapioca Pearls accordingly. Also, you are able to boil 3 cups of water, add the pearls in, stir it, then cook for about 30 minutes. Place a lid over the pot while the Tapioca Pearls are boiling. Once they turn plump and soft, leave it in the pot 30 minutes. Later, scoop all the pearls out and place them in a clean bowl. Pour couple of tablespoons of water from the pot itself. Now add 1 tablespoon of sugar and honey. Mix everything completely. To prepare the Tea, take one cup boiling water and steep the JIVRAJ 9 Tea Bag for 10 minutes. Place the prepared tea in the refrigerator for about 15 minutes to chill. The Sugar and Honey will keep the Tapioca Pearls soft till you have to use them. In a blender, add in mango chunks, low-fat milk, water (depending on how diluted you want the tea to be), and sugar. Blend the liquids till it turns into a smooth consistency. Mix the mango blend with the tea and the Tapioca Pearls. Your Mango Bubble Tea is ready to play around in your mouth :)

Hope you enjoyed reading our Blog. Keep drinking TEA.

Shall see you soon. Till then have a Tea-licious time.

Jivraj 9 Tea, Sangharsh Ka Saathi !

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Our TEA is Brewing on FACEBOOK – LIKE US

Hey TeaLovers,

You will find our Tea Pot on Facebook as well. LIKE US and know more about this magical Beverage – TEA.

Our Facebook Page will open doors to the TEA WORLD. You will find Cool Products for Tea Drinkers, Yummy Recipes, Interesting Tea Articles and much much more.



LIKE US at TEA, CHAI, CHA on Facebook.

Keep Drinking TEA !!!

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Are these TEA KETTLES ?

Hey Tea Lovers,
i was surfing the web and i just came across some really weird though beautiful Tea Kettles. I am not sure whether they are actually used as a Tea Kettle supposed to be used or they are mere showpieces or Tea collectibles. Have a look at them and please clear my confusion if you can.

Cute Radio Kettle

Radio or a TEA Kettle ?

An Oven Kettle

Cute Oven Kettle

TEA in the SEA Kettle

TEA in the SEA Kettle

The Elephant Teapot

The Indian Elephant

Square Tea Pots

Square Tea Pots

Books and a Cup of Tea

Tea Pot for Bookworms :)

Three TeaPots

I want moreeee Tea :)

Tea Machine or Tea Pot ?

Creative Tea Pot

Thank you :)
Continue having a TEAlicious time.

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The Tea Serving Art by the TEA DOCTORS !!!


Lets have a  TEA-licious time. :) Last week, i came across a Beautiful and Unique way of serving Tea. It is an Art, a Tradition, an Entertainment source originated in CHINA. In China, the root of Tea houses, can actually trace back to some 1000 years or so. Drinking tea has been popular in every part of China, while the city of Chengdu is the only city that possesses with such loyalty to tea houses.

In Chengdu, tea houses are spotted everywhere built according to local surroundings. Some of the tea houses are well decorated with crockery, paintings and miniature garden. While more of them are simply made of bamboo, and filled with bamboo tables and bamboo chairs. Bamboo chairs, wooden tables, bamboo houses, porcelain tea sets, brass teapot and “Tea Doctors” are authentic features of tea houses.


The TEA DOCTORS at their Entertainment Best !!!

The uniqueness and exclusivity of this serving Tea Tradition come comes from the teapot that they use for serving TEA which is made of Brass and has a spout with approximately 3 feet long. The people in the tea houses who can skillfully use this teapot are named “Tea Doctors”. Due to the long spout, Tea Doctors can pour the tea from a long distance into a small teacup without spilling a drop. The Tea Doctors claim that no foreigner can ever learn and implement this Art, the way they do. They are the ones who have the flare, the elegance, the grace and the TEA that runs through their veins. The concentration with which they perform is commendable. I am sure you will agree once you watch the videos.

The Tea Art

The Tea Serving Art - Beautiful.

Here are some videos, where you can watch the Tea Doctors in Action. I assure you, you will enjoy every bit of it.


It is an Art that is worth appreciating a thousand times. Lets adore this art of serving tea, being the true Tea Lovers. Enjoy :))

Tea has no Boundaries !!!

See you soon with yet some different Tradition of our loved magical Beverage – TEA :)


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Why do you Drink TEA ???

Tea….What are your reasons for having TEA ? I have come across many people who have Tea because they are addicted to it. Their reason of justification is TEA rejuvenates them and they are able to perform better in their respective fields. For some people TEA drinking is more of a ritual which has to be performed  every morning and evening. According to me the best thing about TEA is one can have Tea on any occasion. Be it Happiness, Sorrow, Spending time with a Stranger, Reading a Book etc. Tea is a companion you can trust on at any point of life. We are proud to be the manufacturers of such a special product. You can ‘ Share your Reasons ‘ for having TEA on our website WWW.J9TEA.COM. Share your reasons with us, no matter how funny, how serious or how cliche they are. Let try to grow our community TEA LOVERS.

Chai peete rehna..C you Soon ;)

My Chai - JIVRAJ 9 TEA

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The day for LOVE is round the corner :)

14th February – Valentines Day !!!

The first thought that comes from the word Valentines Day is ‘LOVE’. I always used to think that for people who are in love, valentines day doesn’t really matter; but i was wrong. I came to understand the fact that for lovers everyday is a DAY OF LOVE but Valentines Day is when they make each other feel all the more special.

The TEA WORLD celebrates this Valentines Day by making special blends, which would make the tastebuds fall in love with TEA. Apart from TEA WORLD, the Valentines Day can be made special only if one has a right blend of Love, Care, Understanding and Trust in their relationships.



The aroma of brewed tea is enough to tantalize one’s senses, if the blend is in the perfect proportion. Relationships are not far from this blend. A relationship will spread Joy all around if the blend is in proportion. This post was for the love of TEA.

Show your love to everyone, who you feel are special for you. Make it a special day for someone and you’ll get back the same.

Wishing you a very HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.

Lets be together forever….for the LOVE of TEA.

CHEERS to our tea. Keep having a Tealicious time :)

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‘Sabudana’ of India going around the globe – Tapioca Pearls TEA

The world has received a lot of gifts from INDIA which includes a Zero (0), Ayurvedva, Yoga , Spices, the well known MASALA TEA (Spiced tea) and many more.
I just discovered one more thing that has become a rage in many countries – BUBBLE TEA. Its TEA, a dessert, a drink and lots of fun. The bubbles are actually Tapioca Pearls which are well known as ‘Sabudana‘ in India.


It plays around in your mouth :)

The Bubble Tea is hitting many tea houses and coffee shops where people are loving the feel of this bizzare drink.The bubbles by themselves have very little flavor; their main purpose is to provide texture.
It will give you a tough time in selection between its wild variety of different colors and flavors along with traditional flavors of Green tea and Black tea. A palate full of peach, almond, mango, passion-fruit and many more flavors is made available to tickle your taste buds. It said to be an acquired taste for many as some people like the feeling of squishy tapioca balls in their mouth while some people cant get past the idea if drinking squishy tapioca balls.

Big, black, balls of chewy tapioca are what make bubble tea such an interesting experience. These pearls are about the size of small marbles and they sink to the bottom of your cup. This tea is usually served with a gigantic straw just the right size for slurping up these gummy treats. If you are a TEA LOVER and want to try this at home, it can be a bit tricky as the starchy tapioca pearls can be hard to work with. If you boil them too long, they dissolve. Not long enough, and they are hard in the middle. But this combination of food and beverage is definitely a must try.

You can now find places serving bubble tea in most major cities, such as Los Angeles, Seattle, Vancouver, New York and Toronto.

If your idea of a strong drink is a single-malt Scotch or a dark lager, try the drink that really has balls: bubble tea.

Cheers !!!
Try making your own BUBBLE TEA by clicking here.

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